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If U voltage was different, we could have mentioned from the plants, nor other living things.

40) The reaction ability of water is also one of the other conditions of vitality. The water shows disintegrating features such as some acids, nor stand without a reaction such as argon. The fluidity of the water is more lighter than the liquid state of the water is more likely to contribute to the vitality on the earth.

The 40 samples we examine show that the occurrences within the universe and the world are organized to make life possible. It does not make sense to say that all these arrangements occur by chance, unconsciously, randomly. The origin of denying the universe is consciously edited is not logical, rather than psychological. Data of astronomy, physics, chemistry; It reveals that the universe is considered very critical values. If the field of biology is passed, these evidence is increasing much more, and evidence that the universe is consciously edited from each living life.

In the creation of the universe, we can show very critical values ​​with the liability of the probability. In this epistemology (information theory) is a mathematical approach to the center of the possibility. I have chosen 40 of the many evidence that the universe is organized in a convenient way, I will try to show how the probability logic is used to examine the two of these evidence.

The first evidence to give an example has first explained the famous mathematician Roger penrose. According to the second law of the thermodynamics, we found that the entropy in the universe has increased continuously and cannot be turned backwards. Entropi is a mathematical, objective measure of continuous increased irregularity. As Penrose said, high entropy states are natural conditions, but low entropy states refer to the layout and require the explanation. The presence of the universe with the galaxies, the planets and its creatures is due to the fact that the universe has started in a low entropy situation. Here’s this beginning of the universe requires an explanation.

The beginning of the universe is at a very small point, it cannot be explanation of low entropy. Penrose, which is considered the best in mathematical theories about the mathematical theories, nor universe, nor universe has shown that this composition at the end of the universe will not be able to resurgence from the high entropy status at the end of the universe. It is understood that the low entropy status at the beginning of the universe has nothing to do with the beginning of the universe.

The low entropy at the beginning of the universe requires an explanation except that the volume of the universe is very small. Although the volume of the universe becomes older, the thermodynamic arrow proceeds one way. I look like that when people grow old with their height, but this situation does not carry the meaning of people rejuvenated. Ditto do not fall into the entropy even if the universe has shrunk volume. Entropi is like time: one way, cruel and cut.

1080, which is the number of baryon (proton, neutron) in the universe, the number of photons corresponding to this also reveals that the initial entropy of the universe is regulated by taking into account the number of photons. The number that Penrose finds is incredible.

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