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The injection of the stereotypes relating to the others has great impact on the jurisdictions related to their behavior. The stereotype concept is based on the fact that everyone in a group is behaving in the same way. Connected with the social category; It becomes very quickly active with the category and the new individual is encroached with the previous example. Making this enabling is an automated figure, it is quickly in the difference. Stereotype Concept> American> Journalist Walter Lippman was written in 1922 and the public opinion book was won to social sciences literature. In 1798, this concept, which is evaluated in a positive development in the printing printing, this concept is negatively qualified for social sciences. Image 6.6 We can easily diagnose human figures with stereotypes tool. The baffle added to these diagnostic miras will help the whole in the “Pictures”.

Stereotypes learn in very early age. The first examples of this is the color of the children of the children; Pink shorts are for blue boys. The other stereotypes can also see us in the fair-tale> books or received toys. Again, it is the interpretation of the ability to children and the interpretation of the children in other people and places. Individuals possess the stereotypes throughout their age. Tabula Rasa is as well as no stereotypes; But over time, they will be able to categorize various social groups. Tabula Rasa is a concept of John Locke’s BOFL sheet meaning. According to this opinion, people are like a plate of BOFL in their birth. It fills this plate> with the clay. The Concept of Flema in stereotypes is carflar. The fiemas are the subjective concepts related to how the social world is transmitted. Individuals often select the way to fitting the new information to the florrows rather than varying the florrows. These florrows may be used for individuals, ourselves, roles, events, places or ephlyalar. In the television, there are many different ways. These are> a few samples. YAFL: “Young people are not respect to the bigger; The fluxes are a car> flavored “; Racial: “All the Japanese are similar and very stolen”; Occupation: “All lawyers are hungry”; Nationality: “All Germans are very disciplined”; Locations: “All Fleshirs Yoil” “small towns are safe and clean” “” All the time in the UNGIL “; Ephlyalar: “ COOK. In the television programs, these and similar examples are mixed with the harness. are important indicators of cultural beliefs and values. These are not only of the television-makers. It is also indicators of the attitudes and emotions related to the beliefs and values ​​owned by the audience. Spread stereotypes are directly reflected in us and we want to understand ourselves. The picture is in the society, as in the community, most of the blood stereotypes in the television are in the society.

Stereotypes can be submitted positively or negatively on television. For example, in the United States in the United States, some groups were presented in negative positions in television in television in television, in negligence events, or similar negative positions. These groups are the Arabian American, African American, Latin-Americans, American-Americans (Native Americans) and Asian-American Americans.

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