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We will walk the same action and walk from the car to the door, and then walk in, once in the carpart Kat, and the bell to steal the bell and steal the bell. This would be perhaps 2 minutes. In the film, this event is assumed to be described in 15 seconds. After watching this scene, the character is walking until the apartment to the apartment, and all steps are not seeing that it does not see it. Saca. If we need to have an ability to abstract at a certain time, and the time is very important to us, this period comes to us, or the time is very h> zl> yormufl. If we are longing, the same time time is that the same time time is passing to us, it does not know that minutes don’t know the minutes. This situation is all about the coffluls that we are in our expectations, with our expectations, our emotional situation. perception of time through fiction. Multiple evident and easy narrative paths such as growing of time to expanding and displacement of the movement of the movement of the movement or the images are very evident and easy to industry. Effects the time> alcue of the beholder to combine only through cutting. Let’s examine the example:

Matilda will be taken to take the buyers and kill the whole family. She’s returning home from what happens. From the shop, we trace it out to be slowed until you get to the door of Leon.

The murderers have killed Matilda, Matilda, mother and fathers. We watch that on the previous stage. Therefore, we would like the elongation of time and the murderers are separated from the house until it returns. When Matilda comes home, the more ages will be the survival fluid. Time to slow down, we are expanding our request.

On the other hand, the time is different for the murderers and differently for Matilda. If Matilda returns to the home, he will increase the flash flange, the killers will be able to finish and escape in the time when they find Matilda. Matilda has no news from those at home. Therefore, slanted shooting, the situation is meaningful from the audience open. Reflected in the spectator’s desire.

In the Cefering Shot, Matilda comes with the family of the apartment with the family. It realizes that the guy in front of the door is> a bad fley.

Bottom NC> Matilda in shooting, and we follow the man>. The camera is replaced by the eyes of the Open Matilda.

When you continue to walk Matilda, we see the place to the place in the door of the door in the doorway. This shooting allows us to feel the danger in which they see Matilda from the opening of their look.

In the eighth shot, we see Matilda from the opening of Leon again. Matilda continues to be able to walk into the house and the apartment of Leon.

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